Tag: Troubleshooting

Amazon EMR now makes troubleshooting easier with enhanced error details

Amazon EMR on EC2 now provides contextual error details that makes it easier to troubleshoot cluster provisioning failures. EMR lets you provision your EMR on EC2 cluster without worrying about managing compute infrastructure or open-source application setup. However, there can be circumstances when your cluster provisioning fails, such as an insufficient EC2 instance capacity error, […]

Amazon ECS provides contextual failure reasons for troubleshooting task launches with capacity providers

Amazon Elastic Container Services (Amazon ECS) now provides contextual failure reasons that make it easier to troubleshoot task launch failures when customers use capacity providers for auto scaling the compute capacity in their cluster.

Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS supports Proactive Insights

Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS now offers Proactive Insights, a new set of notifications that alert customers of possible database performance and availability issues before they become severe. By continuously monitoring database instances, Proactive Insights can detect conditions that may lead to a decrease in the health of the database. When such conditions are identified, […]

Amazon CloudWatch RUM now supports customer defined metrics for troubleshooting and monitoring

Amazon CloudWatch Real User Monitoring (RUM) adds the ability for customers to define custom metrics that will be sent to CloudWatch Metrics. Customers can define metrics based on data in customer-defined events (Custom Events), pre-defined RUM events and customer- defined metadata attributes (Custom Attributes). The customer-defined metrics gives customers flexibility to monitor specific parts of […]