Tag: serverless architecture

AWS CloudShell now supports the modular variant of AWS Tools for PowerShell

AWS CloudShell offers a browser-based command line interface to help users securely monitor, explore and interact with their AWS resources. The credentials used for the AWS Console are used for pre-authentication by CloudShell. No local setup or configuration is needed since all the necessary development tools are pre-installed. CloudShell allows users to execute scripts with […]

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams increases On-Demand write throughput limit to 1 GB/s

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams has recently increased their On-Demand write throughput limit to 1GB/s, a 5x increase from the previous limit of 200 MB/s. This serverless streaming data service is designed to make it easy to capture, process, and store streaming data at any scale. With the On-Demand mode, capacity management is automated, so there […]

AWS SAM connectors now supports multiple destinations

Developers of serverless applications can now utilize AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) connectors to link up multiple destinations when integrating with AWS services. In the past, SAM customers required a separate connector definition for each source/destination combination. For instance, if a AWS::Serverless::Function was interacting with 3 SNS topics with similar permissions, 3 SAM connectors […]