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AWS Device Farm announces VPC integration for Private Devices

AWS Device Farm is an application testing service that provides web and mobile developers with desktop browsers and real mobile devices so that they can improve the quality of their apps. With today’s launch, we are adding support for VPC connectivity to Private Devices, providing a simple way to connect with endpoints that are accessible […]

Amazon S3 simplifies private connectivity from on-premises networks

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) interface endpoints for Amazon S3 now offer private DNS options that can help you more easily route S3 requests to the lowest-cost endpoint in your VPC. With private DNS for S3, your on-premises applications can use AWS PrivateLink to access S3 over an interface endpoint, while requests from your in-VPC applications […]

AWS announces new AWS Direct Connect location in Hamburg, Germany

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled the opening of a brand new AWS Direct Connect site in Hamburg, Germany. By establishing a link between your network and AWS at this new station, you will acquire exclusive access to all public AWS Regions (except for those located in China), AWS GovCloud Regions, and AWS Local Zones.