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Amazon GuardDuty RDS Protection for Amazon Aurora is now generally available

Amazon GuardDuty broadens threat detection coverage to help you protect your data residing in Amazon Aurora databases. GuardDuty RDS Protection is designed to profile and monitor access activity to Aurora databases in your AWS account without impacting database performance. Using tailored machine learning models and integrated threat intelligence, GuardDuty can detect potential threats such as […]

Amazon Aurora MySQL 3.03 (compatible with MySQL 8.0.26) is generally available

Today marks the start of Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition 3’s support for MySQL 8.0.26. Alongside some security enhancements and bug fixes, this version offers improved table space file segment page configuration and new aliases for certain identifier names. For further information, please consult the Aurora MySQL 3 and MySQL 8.0.26 release notes. Today marks the […]