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AWS Security Hub is now available in the Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region

AWS Security Hub is now available in the Asia Pacific (Melbourne) AWS Region. You can now use Security Hub to centrally view and manage the security posture of your AWS accounts in this Region and take advantage of more than 110 security controls to automatically check your environment against security industry standards and best practices.

AWS Backup now supports AWS User Notifications

Today, AWS Backup is announcing support for managing your backup notifications from the AWS User Notifications console. AWS Backup is a fully managed service that centralizes and automates data protection across AWS services and hybrid workloads. This launch enables you to easily configure, monitor, and manage your notifications related to AWS Backup from a central […]

Amazon S3 now applies two security best practices to all new buckets by default

Amazon S3 now applies two new default bucket security settings by automatically enabling S3 Block Public Access and disabling S3 access control lists (ACLs) for all new S3 buckets. This change was first announced on December 13, 2022, began deploying on April 5, 2023, and is now applied to all AWS Regions. To learn more […]

Amazon GuardDuty simplifies enforcement of threat detection across all accounts in an Organization

Amazon GuardDuty has added new functionality to its integration with AWS Organizations to make it even simpler to enforce threat detection across all accounts in an organization. Since April 2020, GuardDuty customers can leverage its integrations with AWS Organizations to manage GuardDuty for up to 5,000 AWS accounts, as well as automatically apply threat detection […]

AWS Key Management Service now supports FIPS 140-2 enabled interface VPC endpoint

Beginning now, the AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) enables you to integrate a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) endpoint using AWS PrivateLink that connects through the AWS KMS Regional endpoint which has been certified under the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 program. With this new launch, you can quickly and easily use AWS PrivateLink […]

Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports Cross Region Automated Backups with encryption

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for SQL Server now has the capability to perform Cross Region Automated Backups with encryption. This feature provides disaster recovery for important databases, as you can restore the database to a past point in time within the retention period. In the event that the main AWS Region is inaccessible, this […]

Amazon EMR Serverless now supports application log encryption with Customer Managed Keys (CMK)

We are thrilled to announce that you are now able to use customer-managed keys (CMKs) with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt EMR Serverless application logs when stored in managed storage and Amazon S3 buckets. Amazon EMR Serverless is a serverless choice in Amazon EMR that makes it effortless for data scientists and data […]

AWS Security Hub launches 7 new security best practice controls

AWS Security Hub has released seven extra safeguards to its AWS Foundational Security Best Practice standard (FSBP) for strengthening cloud security posture management (CSPM). These controls are configured to perform automated assessments against security best practices for Amazon ElastiCache. If Security Hub is set to activate new controls and the AWS Foundational Security Best Practices […]