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Amazon Kinesis Data Streams increases On-Demand write throughput limit to 1 GB/s

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams has recently increased their On-Demand write throughput limit to 1GB/s, a 5x increase from the previous limit of 200 MB/s. This serverless streaming data service is designed to make it easy to capture, process, and store streaming data at any scale. With the On-Demand mode, capacity management is automated, so there […]

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports major version PostgreSQL 15

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) now offers support for the most recent edition of PostgreSQL: version 15. This version encompasses a number of new features, such as the SQL standard “MERGE” command for conditional SQL queries, heightened performance for both in-memory and disk-based sorting, and support for two-phase commit and row/column filtering for logical […]