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AWS announces new AWS Direct Connect location in Hamburg, Germany

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled the opening of a brand new AWS Direct Connect site in Hamburg, Germany. By establishing a link between your network and AWS at this new station, you will acquire exclusive access to all public AWS Regions (except for those located in China), AWS GovCloud Regions, and AWS Local Zones.

AWS CloudShell now supports the modular variant of AWS Tools for PowerShell

AWS CloudShell offers a browser-based command line interface to help users securely monitor, explore and interact with their AWS resources. The credentials used for the AWS Console are used for pre-authentication by CloudShell. No local setup or configuration is needed since all the necessary development tools are pre-installed. CloudShell allows users to execute scripts with […]

AWS Step Functions Distributed Map is now available in more Regions

AWS Step Functions Distributed Map is now available in multiple geographical regions, including the Middle East (UAE), Europe (Spain and Zurich), Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) and Australia (Melbourne). AWS Step Functions Distributed Map is now available in multiple geographical regions, including the Middle East (UAE), Europe (Spain and Zurich), Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) and Australia (Melbourne).

Amazon Timestream now supports batch loading data

Amazon Timestream just introduced Batch Load, an advanced feature for importing large amounts of temporal data into Timestream. Batch Load offers a reliable, effortless and expansive answer for migrating information from CSV files stashed away in S3 directly into Timestream. Customers can pick one or more source files, the target Timestream database and table, and […]

AWS Control Tower announces a progress tracker for landing zone setup and upgrades

AWS Control Tower has unveiled a fresh progress tracker that illustrates accomplishments and corresponding statuses of the landing zone setup and upgrade process. A landing zone is an AWS ecosystem that is structured with the optimal AWS guidelines for identity, federated access, logging, monitoring, and account framework. AWS Control Tower automates the construction of a […]

Amazon EMR Serverless now supports application log encryption with Customer Managed Keys (CMK)

We are thrilled to announce that you are now able to use customer-managed keys (CMKs) with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt EMR Serverless application logs when stored in managed storage and Amazon S3 buckets. Amazon EMR Serverless is a serverless choice in Amazon EMR that makes it effortless for data scientists and data […]

Autocomplete suggestions are now available on AWS Marketplace search

Today, we excitedly introduced Autocomplete suggestions to the AWS Marketplace search experience. Now, when users type into the search bar on the AWS Marketplace website or console, they’ll be presented with helpful suggestions to complete their query. The suggestions are sorted by relevance and display bolded prefixes that indicate what’s available, how to spell difficult […]

AWS SAM CLI announces preview of Rust build support

The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Command Line Interface (CLI) is now introducing the preview of its sam build service, making it simpler to construct and package serverless applications created in Rust. The AWS SAM CLI is a developer tool that expedites the process of building, testing, packaging, and deploying serverless applications. Developers who have […]

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports major version PostgreSQL 15

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) now offers support for the most recent edition of PostgreSQL: version 15. This version encompasses a number of new features, such as the SQL standard “MERGE” command for conditional SQL queries, heightened performance for both in-memory and disk-based sorting, and support for two-phase commit and row/column filtering for logical […]