Kinea Internacional S.A is one of the top mobile game companies in the USA, offering mobile game development services to clients. We have expertise in developing games across all genres for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. We use Unity, Cocos2D, PlayCanvas, Cocos-JS, Pixi.Js, and many other industry-leading tools to create the best games and experiences for mobile platforms.


The area of expertise in Mobile Game Development are:

  • Developing Cross platform supporting game apps
  • Unity3D Development
  • Cocos2d X Game Development
  • HTML5 Game development
  • Mobile AR game Apps
  • Mobile Simulation Game Apps
  • Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Game Art Asset Creation
  • Hybrid Game App Development
  • We develop games for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, video game and Tablet devices.


We are a One-Stop-Shop for all mobile game development services needed to turn your dream game into reality. Our studio was established 5 year-ago as a game development service provider for iOS and Android with a handful of people and is now a team of 20+ members.

  • Some of our mobile games have been downloaded more than 50 Thousands times & have been featured on app stores.
  • Our standards are on par with the best mobile gaming companies in the industry.
  • Project development process with agile methodology.
  • We assure our developed game or app works seamlessly across all kinds of mobile phones and tablets.
  • You can hire our mobile game development resources as per your requirements, to execute your projects.

Console Game Development

Despite mobile phones, tablet consoles, and various other devices, PC and desktop games are famous for gamers worldwide. Many people train themselves to play games for fun, amusement, and learning.

Games like a car race, Battle, Adventure, and brain exercise have given desktop players enormous joy and relaxation. The primary purposes of creating Desktop & PC games are to provide popularity and bring awareness to each user with an engagement on PC for their job.

Kinea Internacional S.A develops amusing, enthralling games for PCs and desktops. Xbox and PlayStation can provide an exceptional user experience and consistent gaming occurrence to users. At Kinea Internacional S.A , we aim to develop console games that give you precisely that what you actually want. Our game developers can mix the appropriate approach with the required skills and assure on-time delivery. 

AR Application

The latest technologies are the basic need for the game industry. AR game developmentā€™s current synopsis is a highly ambitious one & every game development company wants to reach the desired level of achievement.
Augmented Reality (AR) is an associated experience of a real-world situation where computer-generated perceptual data improve the gadgets in the real world, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, and haptic. The Augmented Reality developing sector is one of the most readily accessible to both consumers and organizations.
Mobile AR apps are developed on phone and tablet programs with AR content visible on the screen as a hologram. AR apps have various practical applications, including marketing campaigns, pharmaceutical uses, data visualization, and location-based education.


Kinea Internacional S.A  is  gaming and software outsourcing studio founded in 2018 by professionals who live and breathe art, design and exciting games