EC2 High Memory instances with 18TiB and 24TiB of memory are now available with On-Demand and Savings Plan purchase options

Starting today, Amazon EC2 High Memory instances with 24TiB (u-24tb1.112xlarge) of memory are now available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) region and high Memory instances with 18TiB (u-18tb1.112xlarge) of memory are now available in US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. These instances give customers greater flexibility for instance usage and procurement Рcustomers can start using them with On Demand, Reserved Instance, and Savings Plan purchase options. With u-24tb1 and u-18tb1, customers have a choice of 24TiB and 18TiB of memory, respectively Рboth offering 448 vCPUs, 100Gbps network and 38Gbps EBS bandwidth. 

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