AWS re:Post launches a community leaderboard

AWS re:Post is a cloud knowledge service designed to help AWS customers remove technical roadblocks, accelerate innovation, and operate efficiently. re:Post introduces a community leaderboard to recognize top contributors and give re:Post users visibility into the points they have earned and how their contributions rank within and across the community. The leaderboard cultivates a knowledge-sharing community as members unlock new statuses and achieve new rankings. Additionally, the leaderboard showcases top contributors to recognize community members for the time spent answering questions and sharing technical guidance and refreshes their ranking among other members every time they visit the re:Post website. Members can progress in their ranking on the leaderboard by demonstrating and sharing their AWS knowledge. Members can earn points and achieve new statuses when their answers are accepted by a question author, received and endorsed by an expert, or when their questions or answers are upvoted.

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