AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 C6g, C6gd, and M6gd are now available in additional regions

Starting today, Amazon EC2 C6g and C6gd instances are available in Asia Pacific (Osaka) region. Additionally, M6gd instances are now available in Europe (Stockholm) region. C6g and C6gd instances are ideal for compute-intensive workloads such as high performance computing (HPC), batch processing, ad serving, video encoding, gaming, scientific modelling, distributed analytics, and CPU-based machine learning inference. M6gd instances are ideal for general purpose applications such as application servers, microservices, mid-size data stores, and caching fleets. C6gd and M6gd instances offer up to 50% more NVMe storage GB/vCPU over comparable x86-based instances and are ideal for applications that need high-speed, low latency local storage.

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