AWS AppConfig allows tracking of stale feature flags, improving code hygiene

Today, AWS AppConfig announces new options for customers to new options for customers to track and clean up stale feature flags. Previously, customers needed to build their own schedules for managing stale feature flags. Now, customers can do this through AWS AppConfig. Feature flagging is a powerful technique that allows engineering teams to change application behavior on production without pushing out new code. By using feature flags, engineers can develop new capabilities, but hide them behind a feature flag configuration. Once ready to launch, AWS AppConfig allows you to roll flags out slowly. However, a common pain point with feature flags is the management of stale or unused flags. After a feature is launched, the flag may no longer be needed and becomes stale. Stale flags add clutter to your application code and configuration, and can make debugging your application challenging. Cleaning up unused flags improves application hygiene.

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