Amazon QuickSight supports billion-row dataset with SPICE

Amazon QuickSight now supports even larger SPICE datasets on the Enterprise Edition. Today, all new SPICE datasets can accommodate up to 1 billion rows (or 1TB) of data in the Enterprise Edition and 25 million rows (or 25GB) for Standard Edition. Before the launch, each SPICE dataset could hold up to 500 million rows and 500GB of data. Customers who want to use QuickSight’s rich visualizations to explore very large datasets had to rely on data engineers to manually orchestrate data between QuickSight and another data store, which made it challenging to access and analyze very large datasets quickly. With billion-row support in SPICE, it’s easier to connect to data stores and ingest data into SPICE. Users now have greater autonomy to visually analyze large datasets directly in QuickSight, without coordinating with engineering teams to manually orchestrate data among services. See here for details.

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