Amazon Personalize launches new recommender “Trending-Now” for Video on Demand domain

Today, Amazon Personalize is excited to announce the Trending-Now recommender for Video-on-Demand domain to highlight catalogue items that are gaining popularity at the fastest pace. Amazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning service that makes it easy for customers to deliver personalized experiences to their users. Recommenders help reduce the time needed for you to deliver and manage these personalized experiences, and help ensure that recommendations are relevant to your users. User interests can change based on a variety of factors, such as external events or the interests of other users. It is critical to tailor recommendations to these changing interests to improve user engagement. With Trending-Now, you can surface items from your catalogue that are rising in popularity faster than other items, such as a newly released movie or show. Amazon Personalize looks for items that are rising in popularity at a faster rate than other catalogue items and highlights them to users to provide an engaging experience. Amazon Personalize automatically identifies trending items every 2 hours based on the most recent interactions data from your users.

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