Amazon Managed Grafana now supports workspace configuration with version 9.4 option

Amazon Managed Grafana is a fully managed service for Grafana, a popular open-source analytics platform that enables you to query, visualize, and alert on your metrics, logs, and traces. Since inception, Amazon Managed Grafana maintained a single version offering across all workspaces globally. With this release, you can select an Amazon Managed Grafana supported version to create a new workspace. Version 9.4 includes several new features to further enhance your experience in Amazon Managed Grafana including, but not limited to: plugin enhancements to support CloudWatch cross-account querying, OpenSearch serverless, querying multiple asset properties from AWS IoT Sitewise, query result reuse and async queries for Athena; Prometheus and Loki query builders make it even easier to create and modify queries for your data sources; Service accounts that provide a secure and efficient way to automate tasks within your Grafana instance.

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