Amazon Managed Grafana now supports visualizing Prometheus Alertmanager rules and new configuration APIs

Amazon Managed Grafana now supports visualizing Prometheus Alertmanager rules, new configuration APIs and additional visualization plugins. AWS customers using Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, or running self-managed Prometheus environments can visualize and analyze their Alertmanager rules, alert states, silences and contact points directly in an Amazon Managed Grafana workspace. Customers can opt-in to viewing their Prometheus Alertmanager rules by turning on Grafana alerting from the Amazon Managed Grafana console or programmatically using the new configuration APIs, designed to manage workspace settings. Current workspace configuration details can be retrieved using the DescribeWorkspaceConfiguration API and settings can be updated via the UpdateWorkspaceConfiguration API. The CreateWorkspace API, used to programmatically create, delete and manage Grafana workspaces, has been updated to allow customers to enable Grafana alerting during workspace creation. Amazon Managed Grafana also adds support for Sankey, Plotly and Scatter visualization plugins, providing customers more visualization options for their dashboards.

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